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Welcome to our web site featuring North American Native Crafts. The Northwestern Ontario Indians of the North Caribou Lake Band at Weagamow Lake have been known by the name Crane for 150 to 200 years. Click here for more information on the Crane Indians.

Hi!, my name is Charlotte. I am a first nations native from Weagamow Lake, Ontario. I am happy to be able to show you some of my leather work and bead work. I really enjoy doing my North American native crafts that I learned from my mother and am also passing on to my daughter, Norine. You can see us at a native craft show in the picture below.

American Native Crafts

I use various types of hides for my leather work. Moose hide is the most common hide used for making moccasins. It wears exceptionally well and is very comfortable and warm.

The best Moose hide is the kind that is "home tanned" in the traditional way. Home tanning is a very long and arduous task but the results produce the very best hide for moccasins or other articles of clothing. It is much easier to sew than the commercial tanned hides and is the preferred choice for North American Native Crafts.

Deer hide is the next choice for my native leather crafts. I use deer hide for making baby moccasins. It is very soft and light weight which makes it ideal for baby feet and light articles of clothing.

Most of the fur trim that I use is rabbit fur. Rabbit pelts are very warm which is a major consideration in our cold northern climate. The temperature frequently drops to -40C or more in the winter. Other fur that is used is beaver fur. Beaver fur is often used on items such as hats and trim on gloves.

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